THE DOROTHY COMPLEX  was a series of photos I took in Montana and Prague while studying with internationally renowned photographer Minna Pyyhkala.  Both Montana and Prague are home centers for me.  The series on the website is incomplete.  The photos tell the story of the Wizard of Oz through my personal journey of longing and searching for something better.  Part of the photos were collages I made,  some were staged and some were by chance.  I did not have the intention of following this storyline, but when we looked at them all together this is what we saw.   I distinctly remember in Prague while trying to get my work Visa, the women who was helping me said to her assistant, “Watch this one.  She always looks like Dorothy.”  A bit naive and a bit lost.  I thought this was funny while insulting, but I have to agree with her. 




Come out, Come out


Follow the Yellow Brick Road



Fields of Poppies


If I only had a heart






Need Title





The wicked witch is dead






The Emerald City
The Wizard of Oz